Sunday, February 12, 2012

We have reached the village.....

Downtown shopping mall
with a surprising array of goods!

Goodhope Hardware Store
Internet cafe (when working),
copying and business supplies

Our downtown, or should we say
"downvillage" general dealer
Hanging out under the village shade tree
Our small but mighty post office

A site to visit but likely not use!
Carol hopes to collaborate here
at the Goodhope Primary Hospital
to initiate recovery services

Young friends always sharp in school uniforms!

Here we are at one of our favorite businesses,
        Saaz General Dealer
The long walk 'home'
Peace Corps is serious about community integration, so here you have it.... places where we visit to sustain our lives here in this small, yet very alive Village of Goodhope.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

 Life in the village......

It has been almost a month since we’ve written and time to give some air space to the Village of Goodhope. We really are part of two communities here: school and town.  The relations between the two are not very strong --- reminiscent of the ‘town/gown’ phenomenon in the U.S.  Sadly, the main contacts are when police or ambulance are called.  We hope that some of our work here will be as bridge builders between the two.  So far that idea is slow to gather momentum.

These pictures will give you some idea of the village. We have not highlighted the important places, rather, we show you all the places that we visit to get a combi, shop, copy a document or mail a letter (and views along the way). You will soon see that it is nothing like an African village on television or in the movies. Goodhope is quite typical of villages in southeastern Botswana --- quite spread out, a mix of old and new, and very sparse.

We begin our 3 km walk to the village on road from the school.......

On the road to the village.
The Goodhope Primary Clinic
is in the background.
Dwellings come in all shapes and sizes, from the modest..... the home of the owner of the Crown Bakery that supplies
bread and baked goods to schools and general dealers!

Kagiso (translation: Peace) Bar,
which is very near Goodhope Senior Secondary
and a favorite place to hang out for teachers (and sometimes
students as well....)

Carol at the major intersection between school and village.

A local kraal, used to keep
cattle on hold for transport
Chickens in a coupe!

Goodhope Catholic Church, or the "Roman"
as it is called here. Wonderful music and
homilies in Setswana (we try to catch a word
or two that we know.....)

Goodhope bus rank on a slow day....
...and on a busy day!
Our local Seven/Eleven!
We have almost reached the village center
and will continue soon....
Sending good wishes and love to you all!