Thursday, April 12, 2012

Faces of Hope at Goodhope

It is April, which means spring in the United States and autumn in Botswana. We are experiencing our first crisp and cool days, something we never would have expected in Africa. Nothing like living in a place for awhile to dispel assumptions and myths...

Here we continue showing you some of the people who light up our lives here, this time at Goodhope Senior Secondary School. But first, to put this in context.

We often say that the most challenging aspect of our Peace Corps’ experience is how far away we are from beloved family and friends.  Now we are facing another challenge --- relating to the role of Peace Corps in this country (which is different in some important ways from other posts in the world). The impacts on us and our work are emerging as we grow into our service. 

The Life Skills Program that we are part of functions in collaboration with the Botswana Ministry of Education in support of the country’s National Strategic Framework toward the goal of “no new incidences of HIV by 2016.” Thus, the program is goal-specific and closely coordinated with the Ministry.  Across cultures, governmental organizations operate in the language of power and politics, and here it is no different.  

So it feels very important to show you and remind ourselves of the real reason we as volunteers are here: the youth we serve. For they are the true inspiration in our experience and truly --- the Hope of Goodhope!
Babsy Mothupi (aren't these
names terrific?) with Dimpho,
one of our Form 5 students
Mma Moleme, one of our awesome
counselling staff
And Susan, another amazing
counselllor at GHSSS

Goodhope SSS students check in at the
annual Tertiary Education Fair in Gaborone
Here's Carol with her students who met all term
in the Career & Job Shadowing Group. All have
inspiring hopes for the future!
Students who, with John's facilitation, issued the
first copy of The Goodhope Times in March!
Guitar songs and music with neighbor children,
the universal language!
Andile is the very lively child of
a teacher at Goodhope!
And sister Setunya with her
new beautiful extensions!