Thursday, August 25, 2011

Mark and Luca climbing on
a block of fabled Vermont granite
Saying goodbyes to our beautiful family in Burlington, we drove through the incredible green hills of Vermont, listening to NPR and ---from time to time --- the National Weather Service warning us of a pending lightning and windshield-shattering hail storm, to stay indoors and away from windows. The storm never neared us and we arrived in Cape Cod unscathed. It did however clobber Megan, Wayne and the boys; when they arrived at family camp the place was a raging sea of mud.

Arriving in Centerville late evening we serendipitously found a nice room in an inn owned by a peace activist and member of Barnstable Friends Meeting.  A morning breakfast and a swim at Craigville Beach began our first day on the Cape.
Beach grass at Cape Cod National Seashore
We decided to drive to Provincetown because of its proximity to Cape Cod National Seashore, and because it is, after all, as far out on the Cape as you can go.  The drive was beautiful, and we stopped to hike along the way.

Provincetown is pretty cool, with summer tourists, interesting and quaint architecture, and a lot of artsy shops. But we are going to Africa, and the last thing we need is more stuff. The hike around Salt Pond was beautiful, and the weather perfect. We drove through the dunes and sea grass to Race Point Beach, where we swam in the ocean (this in the colloquial 'we' which means John swam and Carol watched warmly from the beach!) We relaxed too and read - books, so far not Kindles. In the evening we stayed at a wonderful old inn (1840) pictured here in the charming village of Wellfleet.

Holden Inn, Wellfleet

It was hard to leave the idyllic summer time atmosphere of Cape Cod, but our trek goes on.... to New York City to visit family there and explore the city.   Portland seems a million miles away, and Botswana a long, long way from here.

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