Thursday, December 08, 2011

Children of our neighbor teachers
add joy to our  housing area!

We continue to settle in on the campus at Goodhope Senior Secondary School. Our first two weeks were quite intense as we experienced immersion into the community here on campus. With 2500 students and more than 200 staff (including teachers, kitchen workers, hostel matron and supervisors, supplies team, etc.) it is a beehive of activity when school is in session. (Currently we are on term break; more about that later.) The pictures tell part of the story: beautiful, promising young women and men who show incredible discipline, huge faith and unceasing friendliness. What is less apparent to us are the challenges many experience, including lack of viable family support, poverty, teenage pregnancy, HIV/AIDS, drug/alcohol abuse. 
Students gather for the end of term morning assembly   
In our Life Skills work, we are reminded of a teaching from training that we “are a drop of water in the river of support and assistance.” Capacity and sustainability are the watchwords, so that we are focused on activities which are wanted as well as needed, open new doors for students and especially, have some promise of continuation beyond our time here.  While the education and awareness around HIV/AIDS is impressive in Botswana (the country is credited with being on the forefront of effective response to the crisis in Africa) the bridge from theory to practice is weak. Developing responsible decision-making skills and healthy options for students are key to the life skills program, as we say “walking the talk.” 

A recent graduate discusses
his future with John

Paul Motshegerwe, Head of Guidance & Counseling
and Carol work with two students interested
in career opportunities


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