Wednesday, September 07, 2011


August 30 to September 2. Carrying on the theme of "flexible", we didn't plan to go to Charleston or Savannah, but we had time ---so why not? A couple of "on-our-own" days sounded good!  In Charleston, after ambling around this charming city (even the churches had charming pet signs, as below!), we rode a "xich lo" (pedi-cab) to the antebellum market, had lunch at a French and Southern fusion restaurant Cru Cafethen escaped the city heat for a swim at Edisto Island.  After a beach picnic, we realized while there were many beautiful homes, opps ---- not a hotel in sight.

     On to Savannah.....
The River Street Inn is just
across the bridge

Oglethorpe Square 1743
     Savannah is a beautiful old town built around park-like squares and one of our favorite cities to visit.   Years ago, daughter Nelsie and her husband Walter lived here, so it was somewhat familiar territory for us. After booking a room at the River Street Inn, we were off to the Oatland Wildlife Sanctuary, run by Chatham County School District.  We hiked a short trail in which outdoor habitats for wolves, foxes, alligators, deer, and all kinds of birds were a surprise and delight.

No, it's not Macondo.  This old
fishing boat is on the grounds
of Oatland Wildlife Sanctuary
Oatland is a great teaching facility for elementary and middle school students from all over Georgia.  But it was getting pretty warm, so we headed for the beach at Tybee Island.  We found a long stretch of white sand, few people, and refreshing water.  A beautiful end to a great day.

     The next morning after latte and scones we went to the world-renowned Savannah Roundhouse Museum (where Nelsie did restoration work years ago).  On this twenty-acre site there is a roundhouse with a working turntable, a blacksmith shop, carpenter shop, many restored engines and cars --- and, in process, a children's museum.  It's awesome!  Carol had a tour aboard one of the trains, John got a hard-hat tour from the head of the preservation team, Stewart Dohrman.
John and Stewart
To end our Savannah tour on a pure Southern note, we had lunch at Sweet Potatoes.  It's a gem of a restaurant located in a nondescript mall a few miles from downtown.  We voted it the best restaurant         meal we've had on this trip ---  fantastic, unique, southern at its best, everything according to the name, yes sweet potatoes!

Carol on the way to lunch
John and our server in front of the
every word with 'home' sign

   We were ready for the surprisingly long drive to Atlanta..... 

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