Thursday, September 08, 2011

Front row:  Courtney Farley Kutler, Cameron Black, Marc Kutler
 Jackson Farley,  Lindy Farley (with Langdon Farley on her lap)
           WIRT FARLEY, Carol Farley Munson with Charlie Black on her lap,
Lauren Farley Black, Jeff Black with Parker Black on his lap.
Back row:  Keith Farley, Melissa Farley, Mark Munson-Warnken,
              Megan Munson-Warnken, Fisher Munson-Warnken,  John Munson.
Missing family:  The list is endless.....

     September 2-5, Labor Day Weekend. After an all-day drive across Georgia (or so it seemed) we made it to Atlanta for Carol's dad's 90th Birthday!  Better stated --- "Birthweekend" --- because we celebrated for three days. It was a 72-hour shindig of time together, shared memories, second cousins running all around during every waking hour, great food and drink.  Carol's dad was in a constant state of either amusement or bewilderment --- probably both!

     Saying our goodbyes, we left on Monday for New Orleans in what became a torrential interstate downpour. Our fatigue after the celebratory weekend soon transformed to anxiety mixed with terror as we witnessed one car skid across four lanes of freeway into a ditch, several accidents, and slowed to 20 mph with emergency lights on at times with close to zero visibility.  For whatever reason, listening to "Rainbow Connection" repeated times on our new Muppets CD soothed our gangled nerves along the way.  As Woody Allen had it right: "Whatever it takes."

Happy Birthday Wirt!!

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