Friday, June 08, 2012

Passion Play & Quaker Friends in Gaborone

We were honored at Eastertime to be invited by our
Quaker Friends Gudrun and Sheldon Weeks to attend
a Passion Play in Gaborone, which began with music
and a walk to the moving theatre.
We follow the musician troop into an amazing experience.
We expected a dramatization of the historical event
of the Passion of Christ and found it to be so and much
more, as the play delved into contemporary issues
in Botswana of domestic violence, passion killings,
authoritarianism, gender roles and homosexuality.

A young voice cries out in the wilderness.
The actors portray
 our very real human experience,
we carry our burdens as a cross
in the midst of the everyday.
And find little respite from the heat in doing so!
We join Gudrun (left) in speaking with Unity Dow (right),
a Batswana lawyer, former judge, human rights activist,
and co-producer of The Passion Play.

Gudrun participates, as do we all, in a foot-washing
following the play...
... while Sheldon looks on.

It was an honor and privilege to join this group of
Friends in Meeting for Worship in Gaborone.
And then to head south three hours to Goodhope
to our home and work....

... where we found our challenges
--- physical, emotional and spiritual ---
increasing by the day.

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